Stories from my time in Ukraine

Lveaving for Lviv: The beginning of my journey to explore Western Ukraine.

Drastic Post of the Dearer: First impressions of Lviv and funny translations in the airport.

The Bidet and the Water Filter: My nice hostess, apartment and first walk around the town.

Marshrutky, Mashyny and Yamy: Travels in the countryside.

Part I Ukrainian Village: Fun with my friend’s family.

The Price of Prostitutes and Church: Funny conversations about various costs of ‘living’ in the US.

First Day of School, Prohulyanka and Kryivka: More friends and walking around Lviv.

Dangerous Strangers and Masochists: Meet up with more friends and a visit to the Masoch monument.

The African-American Sea: More fun with my clever and witty friends. And more wandering around Lviv.

Part II Countryside; Goose and Scrambled Eggs: Shashlyk and banya

Environmentally Friendly Ukrainians: some interesting methods Ukrainians use to help the environment.

It’s So Creepy: Fun in the dance club and an entertaining conversation with a Polish guy. Also, visit to Ratusha Tower and look out over Lviv.

The Cemetary and The Wedding: A visit to Lykachivsky Cemetery and the wedding I went to in the countryside.

Kyiv, Kiev and Linguistic Chaos: My journey begins in Kiev with a major headache as I try to switch between Russian and Ukrainian.

Pondering These Things in My Heart: I bid my sad farewell to Ukraine.

In Praise of Ukrainian and the School Where I Learned It: Recommending the school in Lviv where I studied Ukrainian, and some interesting information about the peculiarities of the Galician accent.

Ukrainian Culture and Language

Ukraine Got the Good Looks in the Family and Russia Got the Muscles: Russia’s admiration for big brother Ukraine

Russian and Ukrainian Christmas Carols

Ukrainian through Music: Дякую тобі By Okean Elzi

Ukrainian through Music: Квіти в волоссі-Бумбокс

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