Beginning Russian

Are you ready to start your first “semester” of Russian? Here is what you should be studying each week. Simply follow the link for each week and get your instructional videos, plus accompanying homework and worksheets.

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Week 1: Alphabet and Greetings

Use my unique approach to start learning the alphabet. Learn little by little, with lots or review and fun examples from pop culture.

Week 2: Gender of Nouns

Gender of nouns is very important in Russian! It determines how to say your adjectives and cases. Also, learn how to say what nationality you are.

Week 3: Adjectives, Possessives and Plurals

Learn to change adjectives and possessives for gender. Learn about how to make nouns plurals and the VERY IMPORTANT 7-Letter Spelling Rule

Week 4: Describe where people live and work, Prepositional Case

You’ll add on to what you’ve been saying about your family with talking about what they do for a living and where they live and work. Get introduced to what are known as “cases” (падежи) in Russian and Verb Conjugations.

Week 5: Describe where you (and your ancestors) were born and what languages you (and they) speak.


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