Introduction to the Dative Case

What you need to know for your first year of Russian!

This is part ONE of my PCP series. Not THAT kind of PCP! Watch the video to find out.

And HERE is the accompanying worksheet for your nerdy bliss and enjoyment.

Now that you think you have PERCEIVED what Dative Case endings look like and the contexts you’ll find them in. REALLY DRILL the endings with this video:

Feeling ready to speak? In this video my student, Josh, and I use Dative Case to talk about ages of people, places and things.

Was this a little too easy? Craving MORE dative case?

Check out my sample Advanced lesson with my student Eli here:

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1 thought on “Introduction to the Dative Case

  1. Professor, I am a pensioner, 73 years old this month I started learning Russian 4 years ago. I have here in my hometown a native Russian teacher. She taught me the following about the Russian dative case, how children in Russia learn the endings. I am German. … …. …. Я пижу письмо Ивану. Джону, Игорю, степану. Кате, маше, грете и моей подруге свете. Я пижу письмо кому? Васе другу моему.

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