How to say “to go” in Russian; it’s complicated.

Why does it have to be so complicated? I just want to go from point A to point B. That’s it! Well, the Russians need more detail than that, I guess. These “to go” verbs are part of a notorious gang of verbs known as the Verbs of Motion. They include: go, swim, fly, carry, drag, take, transport, wander, crawl, climb and many more. It’s like the Russians wanted to punish people for being active. I, myself, upon learning about how tricky it is to describe how complicated it is to go somewhere, just decided to lay on my couch in protest for a week, for fear I might have to describe the motion I used.

But seriously, I’m here to help. And there’s good news: 1) You’ll get it down eventually and 2) once you prefix these verbs later on, they become much more straight forward. Phew!

This video will help. Below the video is a СУПЕР ПУПЕР worksheet to help you practice even more.


And a couple of songs that I use in my classrooms to practice the word “to go”

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