Week 2: Gender of Nouns and Nationalities

You made it! You didn’t let the alphabet discourage and you’re ready to keep learning. Here is what we’ll be covering this week:

Lesson 1: The Three Genders in Russian, plus a brief intro to the Plural

Here is the vocab you need for this lesson. We’re focusing on things you might see/have in the classroom. You’ll notice that once you understand the masculine, feminine and neuter system, I’ll start calling nouns a “he” -Он, a “she”-Она or an “it” оно. I might also throw in a “they”-они.

Today’s vocabulary: (Much of which will be a review)

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 1.37.39 PM

CR Intro to Gender and Вот on Gender for more written practice. If you want to check your work or get speaking practice, feel free to contact me about online tutoring at collegerussian@gmail.com or go to Online Tutoring for more info! 

LESSON 2: Nationality words

Here is a worksheet to go with this activity. Page two of the worksheet is for advanced (and/or BRAVE) learners!


Since the Russian nationality word is actually an adjective, try listening to this song over and over to get the words for “Russians” stuck in your head! Below the video is the translation of the chorus.

Ведут нас ко Христу дороги узкие,                               

The narrow roads lead us to Christ
Мы знаем смерть, гонения и плен.                 

We know death, persecution and captivity.
Мы – русские, мы – русские, мы – русские,    

We’re Russians, we’re Russians
Мы все равно поднимемся с колен.               

No matter what we rise from our knees. 



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