Review of the Cases: 1st Year Basics

The summer has come and gone and you probably had a great time, but I’m assuming you haven’t done much in the way of reviewing Russian grammar. Mainly because you’re lazy and horrible, but also because the human brain tends to “exhale” when it’s been processing large amounts of information.

1st Year Cases Visual

So, as you’re getting reading to start Russian up again, perhaps in Russian 2010 or 2nd Year Russian, you might want to review everything that you’ll be expected to know on your first day of Intermediate Russian.

Because I love you, I am including a worksheet that is a review of ALL SIX CASES and the uses that you may have learned in your first year (if you were using the textbook Golosa). 

The worksheet lays out when you need each case, complete with example sentences, exercises AND and answer key! You officially no longer have an excuse to be lazy and horrible.

CR Review of Cases for 1st Year

Also, check out College Russian’s Youtube videos below for even MORE case practice, because you want to be that kid in the class who delights the teacher with his existing knowledge about things the rest of the class is clueless about.

Part II

If you liked these videos but learn better with a paper and pencil, download this printable pdf and work on your own. Then watch the videos to check your work.

CR Dialogue Case Analysis 1 and 2

Now see the WHOLE dialogue in its full, color-coded glory. (Plus an English translation)

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.55.27 PM

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1 thought on “Review of the Cases: 1st Year Basics

  1. Hi Janey. I am a big fan of your video lessons and tidbits. My question is: как дела is a shortened form of what?

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