College Russian: Strategies for Learning Cases

So you’ve decided to get serious about learning the cases! МОЛОДЕЦ! Did I ever tell you about that time in the early months of my Russian learning where I decided that the cases were too hard and I was just going to speak without them.

Yeah…umm…It didn’t go well. People could only stand to talk to me for about 30 seconds at a time (I think it was because of my annoyingly bad grammar, but can never be sure). I finally gave in and learned them.

BUT! Don’t think that you have to know them to start speaking. Speak! Live! Learn! Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Bulgaria and was able to communicate perfectly with people there. But weirdly, since Bulgarian doesn’t have cases, when they spoke to me in Russian they spoke WITHOUT CASES! And guess what? We understood each other just fine! So it’s okay to make mistakes, but you’ll want to learn them eventually so that you don’t have to feel so confused all the time.

Below you’ll find:

1)The Case Page Dividers for that Case Folder I know you’re just itching to make. You’ve already got your markers ready and everything, right?

Case Page Dividers PDF

2) A JPEG of a case breakdown of the sample dialogue discussed in the video

Case Analysis Katie Brown 1

3) An example of how I “Case dissect” poems.


Accompanying Video


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2 thoughts on “College Russian: Strategies for Learning Cases

  1. Thank you very much for this. However, something appears to be wrong with the PDF (the banner/logo is in the middle of every page, obstructing the view). Thanks

  2. You actually provided it in a good way. 😊

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