My New Youtube Channel: College Russian

Hello Everyone,

After over a year of intending to start a Youtube channel, a summer of sitting around thinking, “Oh, I really should start working on that Youtube channel now while I’ve got free time” I have finally done it (On the first day of the semester, ha ha).

When I teach I find that there are things that some students just need a little extra help with. I don’t always have the time to address students’ individual needs in class and so I’ve scoured Youtube lookingCollege Russian for videos that I could give to my students to supplement their learning experience, but I rarely find any good videos. So I just decided to make the videos myself.

The channel is called College Russian and it’s ideal for people who are in a Russian class and want additional help, or people who’d like to learn Russian as if they were in a Russian class. So far I have uploaded a lecture on the alphabet and on hard and soft consonants.

The videos introduce a concept and then give you lots of opportunity to practice and test yourself. They very much differ from most language videos on Youtube which just dump a whole bunch of information on you but give you no opportunity to loop back around and practice what you learned. Again, the idea of these videos is to teach you as if you were in my classroom.

So I hope you enjoy/share/like them. I would also love any requests for topics you’d like to have me cover.

Happy learning!


Sample Video

7 thoughts on “My New Youtube Channel: College Russian

  1. These videos are amazing and now I have some free time to take them in. Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this together!

    Wanted your advice and recommendations on the programs/kinds of programs in Russia you recommend for foreigners wanting to master the language.

    1. I recommend Pushkin Institute in Moscow or Center for International Education which is part of Moscow State University (it’s also where I studied). The school can help get you into a dorm or a host family and tuition (compared with America) is very affordable.

      1. I left a comment just now as “Jen” but not sure if it submitted properly. Wanted to know what textbooks you recommend for self study or otherwise.

      2. Hi, I can’t seem to find your comment on Youtube (I’m still new to it all). But I’ll tell you here. I recommend any textbook that comes with audio of some sort. The textbook used in all universities in my state is Golosa (buy on Amazon used). It has a companion website. ( Also, my videos will be based on the content covered in that textbook and in that order. The problem is that it’s a textbook, so it’s expensive.

        The other thing you could try is a new online textbook that I’ve been exploring:

        In addition to the textbook start listening to as many Russian Podcasts you can get your hands on. A Spoonful of Russian is a great place to start.

  2. Привет, Жанна! I just watched your video on the prepositional case an

    1. (continuing, oops) and loved it!! And your accent, WOW. Just like a native Russian speaker, seriously. Would you ever consider making a post here on how you’ve achieved that kind of pronunciation and intonation? Or do you have a previous post on the topic already? Спасибо!

      1. Thank you for the compliment. There are some specifics of Russian pronunciation that I could share in a video. I’ve actually taught a class on Russian Phonetics and Phonology that helps students improve pronunciation. But I won’t have time until next summer when I have a break from teaching. So hopefully you won’t have lost interest by then! Maybe make a comment on the College Russian channel to remind me to do a video. 🙂

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