Russian Song of the Day: Это по любви–Мумий Тролль

Several years ago I posted about my like for Mummy Troll, and I how I attended their concert here in my city a couple of years ago. Well, it was my friend Pasha who introduced me to their music. He was the one that introduced me to good Russian rock.

Today’s song is one I use in my Russian class.  Of all the cases Instrumental is my favorite.  Wait, did I just say that I have a favorite case? Wow, I’m a nerd. But it is my favorite.

It can be used to convey a few things.  For the purpose of this song we’ll discuss two of its meaning that first year Russian students learn. With the preposition ‘c’ it means ‘together with’ without the preposition and with just the instrumental declension it typically means ‘by means of’.

I like to have students listen to this case and see if they can count all the instrumental plural endings both of nouns and adjectives.

This song would also be good to teach the word ‘ли’ in Russian, which means ‘whether’.

Underlined are the words in my FAVORITE case.

это по любви

Some other songs that seemed to be very popular based on the crowd’s excitement and singing along at the concert are:

My favorite: “Невеста”



“Владивосток 2000”

1 thought on “Russian Song of the Day: Это по любви–Мумий Тролль

  1. My favorite case is prepositional, but I prefer plural one ))) I’m even “nerder” than you, I guess, but all those ах, их, ых, и т.д. sound so cool )))

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