Russian Song of the Day: Ты неси меня река–Любэ

From the album ‘Davay za’

I have so many favorite Russian songs. It’s so hard to choose. I could do post after post of all the great music that I have grown so fond of and has given me such pleasant nostalgia for these past 9 years.

Today’s artists is one of my favorites.  I love his voice and his nostalgic themes.  His songs are full of scenery of the Russian countryside and everyday life in a subtle way.

Here’s a little background information on the band, Любэ from the Wikipedia article. The band has been around since the 1980’s and people of all ages love Lyubeh.  The lyrics and songwriting are beautiful.  I use many songs in my classroom activities. Today’s song I use for beginning students to show all the various forms (gender and number) of Russian nouns and adjectives in the nominative case(or at least look the same as nominative). So, for you Russian learners: see if you can pick out all the nouns and adjectives and see if you know what the singular/plural versions of them are!  Forget Farmville and Words with Friends. THIS is fun!

Ты неси

So, are you just dying to know the answers? Which are female nouns? Masculine? Neuter?  Well, that would be just cruel to leave you hanging so here are the answers:

Feminine nouns and adjectives: Река, моя краса, ночка темная, речка быстрая, одинокая луна, ночь, она

Masculine nouns/adjectives: огонек, ветер, он

Masculine plural: крутые берега–берег is singular and this is an irregular masculine plural. Same with глаза. Глаз=singular

Neuter plural: мои поля (мое поле=singular), родные места (родное место=singular).

Was that fun or what?!!!!

I read that this was the theme song for a TV series but I couldn’t figure out what series.  If anyone knows that please tell me!

Other Lyubeh songs that I recommend:



“Давай за” 

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1 thought on “Russian Song of the Day: Ты неси меня река–Любэ

  1. It was a theme song for a Russian TV show “Border” (Граница, Таёжный роман, 2000)

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