Word from the Russian Headlines: Балетмайстер

Балетмайстер- ballet master

Americans, quick! Name a famous American ballerina or ballerinist(a male ballerina?)! Hurry! Anna Pavlova…..? Nope, she’s Russian. George Balanchine…..? Nope, also Russian (technically Georgian).   Come on, a famous American ballet dancer, I know you can do it! Name one. Uhhhh………

Okay, so the point of that exercise was to show that ballet doesn’t necessarily play a huge role in our culture like it does in Russian. I can’t imagine a misfortune happening to a famous ballet dancer that would make national news.  And that is where we are different (and much less un-cultured) than Russians.

A story that is getting featured in all the Russian headlines lately is the story of Sergey Filin, a famous Russian ballet dancer and current artistic director of the Bolshoi theatre.  The headline of this KP (Komsomolskaya Article) reads:

“Главному балетмейстеру Большого театра плеснули кислотой в лицо”

“Someone splashed acid in the face of the ballet master of the Bolshoy theatre”.

Sergey before and after the attack.

The attack happened on the street outside his apartment.  He suffered burns and possible harm to his sight.  Everyone is trying to figure out the motives behind the attack and hoping that Sergey won’t lose his sight. The newspapers are keeping the public informed.  Another article updates:

“Тесть Сергея Филина: «Заказчик преступления находится внутри театра!”

“Father in law of Filin: The instigator of the crime comes from within the theatre”

It informs that someone had been harassing Filin for a while and he thinks it is somehow connected with his work at the Bolshoi. The Moscow Times has a great article in English about the incident in which they talk with the famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who mentions that this might have had something to do with the corruption and scandals that have been going on in the Bolshoi of late.  Other mentions have been made of the mafia.

But there is good news.  This article happily informs:

“Сергей Филин не потерял зрение полностью”

“Sergey Filin didn’t lose his sight completely”

Not only has he not lost his sight but he refuses to slow down.  Another article says:

“Главный балетмейстер Большого театра, несмотря на тяжелую травму, уже принимает коллег по работе”

“The main ballet master of the Bolshoi theatre, regardless of his serious trauma, has started meeting with his work colleagues.” 

The article continues:

“Сергей пытается работать, к нему приходила помощница, они уже обсуждали репертуар, афиши, он, конечно, ничего не видит, но все слышит, чувствует, растолковывает.”

“Sergey is trying to work, a helper came to him and they’ve already discussed the repertoire, the playbills.  He, of course, doesn’t see anything, but he hears everything, feels and explains.”

Sergey most certainly is the embodiment of the English phrase (I don’t know how it would be in Russian) that they say in show business: THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

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