Russian Word of the Day: преданность-loyalty

One word that is often associated with dogs is преданность. So today’s article is one I stumbled upon back in October and emailed it to my dog-lover friend.  I don’t consider myself one of those people who just gush over dog stories but I thought this one was very sweet and I was very touched by this great example of собачья преданность. Typically we think of dogs as being loyal to their owners but we never see what great friends dogs can be to each other.

The title of the article reads:

“В Волгограде бездомный пес уже неделю сидит у дороги рядом со сбитой подругой”

“In Volgograd a homeless dog has been sitting for a week by the road next to his friend that was hit by a car”.

But wait, you’re thinking, I thought собака was a dog.  Well, so is пёс.  If there is some rule of when you use which I’m not aware of it. Maybe my native readers could enlighten me.

The sweet little story goes on to say:

“Преданный лохматый друг отгоняет от своей подруги мух, других собак не подпускает, но по отношении к людям ведет себя дружелюбно. Тело уже начало разлагаться, но пес так и не покидает свой пост.”

“The loyal, shaggy friend has been chasing away flies from his friend, doesn’t let other dogs approach but is rather friendly to people.  His friend’s body has already started to decompose but the dog does not abandon his post.”

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