Russian Word of the Day: Собачий-Dog

You might be thinking, “What on earth does an adjective form of the word dog have to do with anything?”  And when I tell you that this week is going to be dedicated to words associated with dogs, you’re going to, knowing that I’m not necessarily a big animal lover, be baffled even further.  But that’s okay.  I’ve got some brilliant stories and memories for you this week.

The film made from Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog

So one of the words for dog is собака.  Собачий is the adjective form of that word.  One of the most famous and beloved novels is the novel “Собачье сердце”, translated in English as “Heart of a Dog”.  The star of this novel, Sharik, is a stray dog that Dr. Preobrazhensky tries to make into a man.  This novel was a satire on the attempt of Communists during NEP (New Economic Policy) to create the “New Soviet Man”.

Sharik has a hard time leaving his собачьи ways behind and ends up causing all sorts of problems so the doctor decides to turn him back into a dog.

Bulgakov got a bit of inspiration from a stray dog, so I decided I would do so too.

After stumbling upon a link to a newspaper storyб entitled “Собачий город” (Dog City) that I had read many years ago, my interest in the stray dogs of Moscow has been rekindled and I will be dedicating this week to my interest in them. Please return for a link to that newspaper article in Russian and a similarly fascinating article in English.

I hereby deem this week Собачья неделя!

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