Russian Word of the Day: радость-joy

Alright, радость is how you say joy in Russian, but since the song I’m going to feature today is Ukrainian you’ll have to also learn it in Ukrainian.  Do you think your brain can handle that? Okay, ready?  In Ukrainian it’s… радість.  “i” in Ukrainian is pronounced like the “и” in Russian. Easy right?

This song, Нова радість стала “A new joy has begun” is one of the most popular Ukrainian Christmas Carols in Ukraine.  The most popular that all Ukrainians know and can sing (at least the first verse of) is Добрий вечір тобі “Good evening to you”.  I posted some videos of that song on this post many years ago.  In addition you can find both these songs on the Google site that I created with the mp3s of all these songs.

But coming in at a close second is the song Нова радість стала, so we’ll talk about that today.  I’ll provide the Ukrainian lyrics and you can see how much you understand based on your Russian knowledge.  It should be fun for you.  I will include three versions of the song: a sacred version, a more folksy version and then a more pop version from the beloved Ukrainian nationalist singer, Ruslana’s Christmas album. I hope you enjoy and learn a few words in Ukrainian! (це дуже гарна мова!)

Here’s a more sacred version as sung by the Novokuznetsk Seminary Choir.

The lyrics and my rough translation: (the lyrics may be slightly different from song to song)

Нова радість стала                                               A new joy has begun
Яка не бувала,                                                      The kind has never been before
Над вертепом зірька ясна                                   On the nativity a bright star
На весь світ засіяла.                                            Shines on all the earth.

Де Христос родився,                                           Where Christ was born
З Діви воплотився,                                             From the Virgin came into the flesh
Як чоловік пеленами                                          As a man in swaddling clothes
Убого повився.                                                    Humbly wrapped

Пастушки з ягнятком                                         The shepherds with a little lamb
Перед тим дитятком                                           Before the little child
На колінця припадають,                                    Fall on their knees,
Царя-Бога вихваляють.                                    Praising their King and God.

Ой Ти, Царю, Царю,                                          Oh, You, King, King
Небесний Владарю,                                           Heavenly Lord
Даруй літа щасливії                                          Give many happy years
Сего дому господарю.                                       To this home, Lord.

And here’s a more folksy version

And lastly, a pop version by Viktor Pavlik.  This is featured on the famous Ukrainian singer, Ruslana’s Christmas album called Різдво з Русланою “Christmas with Ruslana.

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