Russian Word of the Day:Долой-down with

This week’s words come from old плакаты, plakaty, which are kind of like propaganda posters. I love these.  Not only are they aesthetically pleasing/interesting they are a great time capsule of a moments and ideals in Russian/Soviet history. And now for the word of the day:


The first poster was made in 1931, a time when the Soviets were striving for equality of the sexes.  This, they believed, meant freeing women from the bonds homemaking and sending them to the workplace to work alongside their male comrades.

You can read more about this time in history in my other blog posts on the period here and here.

Down with kitchen slavery! You give a new way of life.

Another campaign that was launched shortly after the revolution was the attempt to eradicate some of what the Bolsheviks considered the backwards ways of the peasants, including illiteracy, alcoholism and domestic violence.

Down with drunkards! We declare loudly! From drunkards you only get hooliganism and damage.


Great efforts were made to educate the population after the revolution.  You can read more about it in this post.

Are you helping to eliminate illiteracy? Everyone in society, “Down with illiteracy”


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  1. Thank you for the idea! It is really great! I will do exactly the same but in different way! I start just now! ))))

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