Russian Phrase of the Day: Вот такие пирожки

My posts this week are in honor of my dear friend Booya.  He loved idioms and sayings so that is why I’ve now had two phrases in one week.  But this phrase is especially useful for me. I tend to ramble and get confused when I’m speaking, especially when I’m talking about a complicated situation. Booya noticed this and would usually finish my rambling for me by saying, “Ну, вот такие пирожки”.

I’m glad I’m not a translator.  I debated whether to write this post because I wasn’t sure how to even translate вот такие пирожки.  If you translate it with Google translate you get the following translation:

Here are the pies

Doesn’t tell you much, right? Пирожок is the diminutive of пирог.  These are kind of like delicious little donuts filled with savory or sweet fillings. But this phrase actually has nothing to do with them.


Let me try and explain. You could also say this in a less folksy way by saying Вот такие дела.  This, according to Google translate, translates as ‘so there you have it.’ That makes a lot more sense then “here are the pies”  This is typically said about something that is complicated or didn’t turn out as you would have expected.  So it might be like saying, “…ah, but what can you do?”

Booya, in his little book of idioms translated into Russian, found the following translation:

“So that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

That works fine. Booya said it all the time but I explained to him that only people over the age of 50 talk like that. But he was not deterred.

Somewhere I have a video of him saying a bunch of these cheesy little idioms.  I have lots of fun videos of my time in Russia but I’ve yet to watch them again. For one because I don’t have a camcorder to watch those little DVC tapes anymore and for two because I’ve been too afraid that watching them will overwhelm me with crippling nostalgia…ну вот такие пирожки.

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