Russian Word of the Day: Взаимно-mutually; ditto


This weeks theme is words or phrases I learned from or in conjunction with my dear friend Booya(See previous post to understand why I call him Booya).


Booya loved to learned neat little English phrases.  For New Years I bought him a special little Beatles planner in Liverpool, England (he loved the Beatles) and for each week I wrote a little idiom or quote in English for him to learn. He loved this gift and would look for every opportunity  to use his various phrases of the week.  I got such a kick out of hearing him say these things with his very thick Russian accent.

Well, because we were such close friends a word that he taught me and came in very handy was взаимно.  Literally, it means mutually but Booya loved when I taught him that he could also say the word ditto and it was kind of a slangy way to say it.  So we had many conversations that went, Буя: “Я очень ценю нашу дружбу” (I really value our friendship) Джейни: Взаимно. (Mutually). Then Booya would anxiously add, “Deeto, right?” Right.


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