Russian Word of the Day: мазь-ointment

The brand is called “Doctor Mom”

This week I’m dedicating my post to memories of my dear friend Boris(I couldn’t pronounce Borya when I met him very well so I just gave him the nickname Booya).

In the previous post I wrote about the week we went down to Voronezh to visit his aunt and uncle and I got really sick and came down with the flu and laid in bed for the whole week that I was there.

Well, one day I was laying in bed and Booya came in with a little jar of мазь. We had both established that we were strictly friends and I didn’t know how I felt about him rubbing my chest and back down with мазь.  I was really confused but he told me not to ask questions not to be worried.

I nervously watched him sit at the bottom of the bed. He took off my socks and began to vigorously rub my feet with мазь that smelled kind of like Vicks vapor rub. Any awkwardness that I might of felt at first turned promptly into amazement and amusement as I watched him rub my feet like he was trying to sand down an old dresser.  He then, out of breath,  put a thick pair of wool socks on my feet.

It was awesome. I felt a lot better. And for some reason him putting мазь clear down there on my feet really helped my chest congestion, whether from the eucalyptus or the laughter I don’t know, but I felt a lot better.

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