Russian Word of the Day: Закладывать-to stuff/pile up

Закладывать-imperfective(perfective: заложить)- zakladyvat’

This week’s theme is однокоренные слова (Words of the same root).

Когда тебе закладывает нос

What better and more widespread verb to choose than the universally relevant verb ‘to put’, from the root -klad- meaning ‘placement’

Закладывать can have several different meanings. They are usually understood in context.  But one of the most common phrases that you’ll find with this verb are ones like the following:

“во время полета закладывает уши”

“During a flight ears get stuffed up”

“Периодически мне закладывает нос, особенно с утра и при влажной погоде”

“Periodically my nose gets stuffed up especially in the morning in humid weather.”

“уши закладывает от музыки”

“Ears get stuffed up because of the music”. This is an expression you might hear when the noise is overwhelming such as music, cheers or applause.

I wish I had knowт this phrase when I lived in Moscow. I have been studying Russian for 8 years now and I only recently learned how to say that I had a stuffy nose that wasn’t related to a cold(to say that you say насморк).

I remember trying to explain to someone that I couldn’t really taste the food because my nose was stuffed up, but I didn’t know how to say it properly so all I could think of to say was, “У меня в носе…пробка”

“I have a traffic jam in my nose”.

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