Russian Word of the Day: Гаишник-Traffic cop

Гаишник-gaishnik-traffic cop (slang)

Гаишники are considered such integral characters in Russian life that there is an entire fictional television series about them called “Гаишники”

I never drove when I lived in Moscow so I never really had any encounters with гаишники.  But I was looking for an article about взятки (bribes) and came across this article in Komsomolskaya Pravda:

“Гаишники научились брать взятки с банковских карт?”

(Have traffic cops learned how to take bribes from credit/debit cards?)

Wow, this article sums up both of my words that I wanted to feature on this blog so well! First of all, in Russia гаишники and взятки  are very often featured in the same sentence.  The article shows a video wherein it appears that a Russian traffic cop uses a feature on his iPhone to take a payment from a credit card.  If you’re going to be living in Russia, regardless of whether  you’ll be driving there or not you’ll need to bulk up your vocabulary on bribing. I’ll dedicate the rest of the week to words about this.

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