Russian Word of the Day: Гордиться -to be proud of


Gets instrumental case.

I know I talk about Pasha a lot in this blog, but many of my memories of speaking the language began with him. He passed away last fall but today would have been his 28th birthday.  So in memory of him I’m going to write about a phrase that we used to say to each other.

I don’t know how it began but we used to jokingly tell each other, “Я горжусь тобой, дорогой”   (I’m proud of you, dear).  But he was from Ukraine and they say ‘h’ instead of ‘g’ so it sounded like ” Ya horzhus’ toboy, dorohaya”. He thought it was so cute and funny when I would say this to him and especially when I said it with a Ukrainian accent.

There’s a cheeky (and often quite crude, so be warned) trend right now where Russians post all the things wrong with Russia and underneath is the sarcastic phrase, “Я горжусь Россией” (I’m proud of Russia). Here are some examples, most of which have to do with crumbling infrastructure, the creative resourcefulness of people and so on.  Some of them are pretty funny.  But despite of all of Russia’s flaws, I still love her.

In very incorrect and illiterate Russian this says, “Russia is the best”

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