Russian Word a Day: затеять -to venture or undertake

I thought this was a very appropriate word to describe this new затея or undertaking that I thought up for this blog. You see, I recently started learning Farsi because I’ve always had a fascination with Iranian culture and since we had Iranians living right next door to us I figured it was the perfect time to start working towards my dream.  This however has made me feel guilty about not building up my Russian more.  So to compensate I am going to start posting a “Russian Word a Day” to help me build my vocabulary and hopefully to help others build theirs.


Затеять (perfective) and Затевать (Imperfective)- To venture, undertake, decide to do


Если вы затеяли интернет-проект.    If you undertook an internet-project. (From a Google search)

затеять спор — start an argument (from

Related Words:

затея: an undertaking, amusement

затейник: A game director or a free or inventive spirit

затейливый: creative, inventive, ingenious

2 thoughts on “Russian Word a Day: затеять -to venture or undertake

  1. A word of the day is a great idea. 🙂 Also, good luck with Farsi! That will definitely be an adventure, I think.

  2. Thanks, Alexis. I think I’ll use this forum to announce that you’re my favorite most kindred spirit student!

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